KOVEA Dual Flame Slim Twin Stove

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The two-burner, low profile camp stove is lightweight and easy to transport, and happens to be the only multi-fuel stove on the market. It ships with four adapters (2 for each head): Butane adaptor that allows you to use the cheaper nozzle type butane gas and LPG adaptor that allows you to use the green Coleman cans. With a direct connection to each head, you don’t lose pressure when using both heads. Very good simmering controls making it just like using your stove from home. 3 separate wind shields. Detachable lid allows you to use larger pots when cooking for groups. Convenient hand carry.


Best Used Camping
Fuel Type Canister
Average Boil Time (1L) 3 min. 30 sec.
Top Plate Material Stainless Steel
Ignition system Battery auto ignition system
Compatible Fuel Iso-Butane, Butane & Propane
Gas consumption (Left/Right) 245g / h (left), 245g / h (R) 
Compatible Fuel Consumption Iso-Butane: 230g/h (2,721kcal / 10,797BTU / 3.22kW)
Propane: 316g/h (3.738kcal / 14,842BTU / 4.34kW)
Weight 179 oz/5.1kg
Product Dimensions 542 x 340 x 72 mm/21.3 x 13.3 x 2.8 in

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